Kate speaks at events and conferences around the world, bringing her street savvy and positive style to a diverse range of audiences.  Topics include:

  • Digital Transformation and IT Skills Shift
  • IT Strategy and Business Relationship Management
  • Soft Skills as Digital Skills – such as assertiveness, Emotional Intelligence, Facilitation, Leadership and more…
  • Cyber Security and Big Data Strategy – Connecting these key areas to Business Strategy
  • Being a Female Entrepreneur of 3 companies, encouraging women and girls to excel in technology and leadership.


Kate has recently spoken at HDI, Interop ITX, ScottSecure, Big Data Scotland, SwanseaCon, Vibrant Digital Future, Women in Technology and more ……………..

What they’re saying about KBG


KBG interview at Interop ITX 2017 

Growing Soft Skills for Better IT Business Relationships

Here in this video Kate shares the value of building soft skills in the IT department with the InformationWeek News Desk at Interop ITX.  Kate talks about the three types of skills a great IT pro should possess: soft skills, technical skills and business acumen.  She goes on to say that the business should help nurture all of these skills.