Need to Change? Harness your Culture


Kate was especially proud last week to attend and speak at the Interop ITX conference 2018 in Las Vegas for her second consecutive year on the importance of organisations harnessing and understanding their culture and assessing the impact that any cultural change may have – Need to Change?  Harness Culture!

In this interview conducted and published by Information Week, Kate outlines the importance of culture and why any organisation shouldn’t ignore it!

Aimed at raising the overall awareness that the rapidly changing world of business is having on Companies and how they operate, Kate speaks out about the need to recognise how these can influence and change an organisation’s culture, how it needs to be measured and that any savvy company needs to adjust for these changes.  This is fundamental to how well an organisation can work and deliver, and ultimately how this can affect the bottom line.



As outlined in the article, organisations have changed fundamentally over the years, from how you hold a meeting with other departments, to how you converse with a member of your team or even how you logistically liaise with someone outside your organisation.  The rules of working are changing rapidly and therefore so is your organisations’ culture.

“As innovation changes the tools that we use to work, organisations must also change the way they
work, but some of those changes will be easier to adopt than others. While your organisation may gently glide from “meet me in the conference room,” to “meet me on Skype,” learning to become agile may feel more like a crash landing.

“You may have built up a way of doing things that have been fine up until you want it to be an
innovative culture,” says Kate. “Innovative culture requires risk-taking and an overall attitude that
failure is actually learning,”

How you avoid change saturation, friction or dysfunctionality within your organisation due to cultural difference, how you go about restructuring your teams or bring in new ways of thinking will shape and alter your immediate culture and also that of your Company’s various sub-cultures too.  Whilst culture is often difficult to measure, it’s about how you communicate, negotiate and structure things to get the job done across departments, functions and even your teams.

But of course, you shouldn’t just focus and home in on your organisation only but broaden your perspective to understand your customers.  As Kate herself says you should “[Ask yourself]: What are the values of the project and then align them with the people you’re rolling this out to.”


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