An interview with Kate Goldman at the Interop ITX Conference 2017

Earlier this year, Kate attended the Interop ITX conference in Las Vegas to present her session on Building Strategic IT Business Relationships.

For those of you who don’t know, the Interop ITX Conference is a large event that has taken place over the last few years in Las Vegas and attracts a wide variety of IT and business professionals including CIOs, Business Leaders, CTOs, IT Directors, Systems Admin to name just a few.  Always well received, the conference takes place over 4 days and offers attendees over 130+ sessions.

Kate was therefore thrilled to be accepted as one of the speakers and present her session on the importance of Building Strategic IT Business Relationships.  At this event, Kate was also invited to give an interview for the InformationWeek News Desk to share the value of building soft skills within the IT department.

In this interview, Kate answers several key questions including why relationships are so important to business and which ones? how businesses make sure that they’re looking for people and developing people who have the skills of building relationships and maintaining relationships whilst still having the necessary tech skills as well?  She also goes on to highlight the three types of skills that every great IT pro should possess: soft skills, technical skills and business acumen, and the approach every business should adopt to nurture all these soft skills whilst recognising that someone’s soft skill development won’t happen overnight.

This is the interview that took place that we thought you might like to see. Go on take a look and let us know if you need any more information or have any questions…..