GDPR Workshops with Y2X

The deadline for GDPR (the General Data Protection Regulation) is fast approaching, which is why my inbox is currently being hammered from a veritable plethora of vendors trying to scare the daylights out of you to buy services.  Feels like it’s almost Halloween out there.



In our usual networking and through our KBG clients, there are many questions still floating around out there about what GDPR really means to them, and how they can get a programme together to at least scope and steer a response from their internal teams.

We also think that GDPR could be a great ‘driver’ to use as leverage for value in your IT organisation – using the wedge and pressure of impending regulatory change to improve your alignment and the tracking of IT value delivered to your organisation.



GDPR 1 Day Workshop

We’re pleased to have partnered with Y2X, a unique IT Services company, in order to deliver short, sweet and to the point GDPR workshops for you and your team.

The three key segments, bringing together experts in the field will help your organisation determine what GDPR is all about, how it may affect your industry and organisation, templates and tools to get a scoping assessment and attack plan off the ground, and how you can leverage this programme to increase the business alignment and IT value realisation for your department.



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