“Designed to make a big difference. “

We designed our service areas to focus on the key enablers for IT organisations to excel and make a real difference. To us, this means people, strategy, culture, communications, skills, and authentic leadership. This is where IT converges with the business and acts as a spine to the organisation – flexible and strong.

Leadership, Strategy & Culture

Our leadership and strategy consulting services get to the crux of what is important in Digital Transformation today.  IT looking backwards is mostly about the tech, we think IT looking forwards is mostly about the people: Your team, their skills, your organisational culture.

How do you build a great team? How do you grow a talent base? What does it mean to improve your IT culture? How can you help your business innovate and grow? 

We’ve worked with numerous CIO’s to answer those exact questions.  Contact us to learn more about IT Culture Programmes, Agile Dust workshops, IT Strategy Advisory, and Leadership Coaching. 

IT Business Alignment, Digital Transformation and BRM

Transforming your organisation from one aiming on alignment to the convergence of business/IT that is needed for Digital is no small feat. We’ve worked with numerous organisations to help them determine how well aligned they are to the businesses they serve, and created roadmaps and strategies to bring the functions, people, and processes together to work as one. Contact us to hear more about how we can benchmark your IT alignment, help grow your BRM Capability, roll out CRM for IT, streamline and drive agility into IT Demand Management. Our IT Value realisation framework and IT as Broker Target Operating Models help companies in the huge shift towards Digital.

People and Training

People are at the heart of what we do – the shift in skills, roles, focus, and culture in going and being digital are massive for IT organisations. The time to skill up both digitally and in soft interpersonal skills is now. The future of IT requires new and hard to master skills. Contact us to hear about our Business Acumen Boost programme, IT Talent consulting services, and developing a learning culture in your organisation. We’ve trained, workshopped, and spoken on a plethora of soft skills topics, and have helped IT teams solve some killer problems in context switching, attention management, collaboration overload.

Cyber Security, Big Data, and Your Business

Connecting your cyber and big data programmes to the business is of critical importance to help your organisation succeed in a digital age. Your organisational ability to protect and create competitive advantage has never been harder or easier to achieve, faster or slower to create. Contact us to hear more about our unique perspective on BRM for Cyber and Big Data organisations, creating a culture of security awareness, and integrating your Cyber strategy with the business for maximum ROI.